How Does a Diaphragm Work?

A Diaphragm is made out of soft, flexible rubber that has been molded into a concave shape so that it fits snugly across the cervix, blocking sperm from entering the uterus. When used properly with spermicidal cream or jelly, a diaphragm is a very effective form of preventing pregnancy. However, it’s important to closely follow these steps:
•    Apply spermicide and insert the diaphragm into the vagina as much as one hour before sexual intercourse
•    Re-apply spermicide to the inserted diaphragm if sex is to be had within six hours
•    After intercourse, the diaphragm must remain in place for six hours after intercourse
•    Spermicide and a diaphragm should always be used together: neither one is effective in preventing pregnancy when used alone.

Diaphragm Maintenance

It is important to gently wash the contraceptive diaphragm after each use, and it must also be carefully examined for tiny holes. Checking for holes is as simple as running the diaphragm under water and inspecting to ensure that water does not leak through. If there are any leaks, no matter how small, the device is no longer effective and must be replaced.

Getting a Diaphragm

A diaphragm must be fitted by a medical professional to ensure it will be effective as a form of contraception. Anyone is eligible for a diaphragm. Our gynecologists will go over your options and help you decide if it is the method of birth control best suited for you.
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